Inter Kingdom Brewers Guild and the Known World Round Table

Author: LadySylvia  //  Category: Geneneral Posts


My family attended Pennsic 39 and had a wonderful time.  The middle Sunday was the Inter Kingdom Brewers Guild and Known World Roundtable meetings.   The Endewearde Brewers Guild was well represented, with 4 brewers entering items and 2 more attending the roundtable. 

Lord Gwillim brought his My Lady Bellassises Mead, which scored a 94; 

Lady Aneleda brought her pear/blackberry, which scored a 96;

Lord Otto brought 2 beers/ales which did well – “Ende der Welt” English/American Pale Ale got a 88% and the “Livin’ the Dream” Sweet Stout got a 92%

And because if I don’t list my own accomplishments my husband (Vey) will have a hissy fit…  I entered my first ale – a brown ale that scored an 84, 2 cordials that scored 76  (blueberry/lime – interesting story…) and an 89 (strawberry ginger), a strawberry melomel, that would have shown better cooled that received an 88, and my crowing glory – my CYSER, my favorite beverage to make, that scored a 99. 

Lord Neville and Lord Alan also joined us for the festivities at the KWRT – always a good time!

Go Endewearde Brewers!  We rock!

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