Endewearde Brewers Guild Project

Author: LadySylvia  //  Category: Geneneral Posts

At long last, the Endwearde Brewers Guild shared our first official guild-wide project.  We chose a quick mead recipe from Digby.   A window of time was chosen to brew the mead and we were to share our results at the Endewearde Hunt in October.  Alas, several people were not ready to share and the evening was filled with a roundtable judging.  After deciding to postpone our sharing, we chose to present our meads at the post revel after Bare Blade Tavern Brawl. 

Four people shared their “Lord Herbert’s Mead.”  Lord Gwillim and Alessandra both used the same yeasts and yielded similar meads – dry and full of spices.  Lord Otto and Lady Agatha chose a champagne yeast.  Theirs was also on the drier side, but had cleared very quickly and had a clean flavor with hints of the spices.  My own quick mead was made using left-over yeast pack from another methaglin I had made (which had been made using Lalvin 71B-1122 – my yeast of choice).  It was sweet and spicy, with a decent amount of spice evident.  I know of one more gentle who has participated in our guild project and look forward to sampling his mead.  (I hear it did not ferment much at all – interesting!) 

Doing guild-wide projects is a great way to experiment with differing ingredients, methods, and environments.  We had a terrific time tasting and analyzing our results.  Plus, it gave us yet another excuse to play! 

So, what’s the next project????