Bochet (Burnt Honey Mead) – saga continues

Author: LadySylvia  //  Category: Geneneral Posts

Well, I racked the batches of bochet over.


The good news first:

They are a beautiful rich carmel brown color.  The one without spices has very little nose to it.  The one with spices has a slightly spicy nose (go figure).  They are clear and, though I did not take hydrometer readings yet, are probably running around 6% alcohol.

Now the bad news:

They both taste metalic.  REALLY metalic.  Appearently using the cast iron post, though wicked cool, was a bad idea.  Sigh.


So, what is the next step?  Here is the plan for now…

I will let them sit in the carboys for a good long time.

I will cross my fingers.

I will hope the metal taste will dissapate over time.


In the meantime, I think I need to try again with more modern cooking vessels and see if I can do the same recipe, smaller because I don’t have a seven gallon cooking pot, and see if I can get the metalic flavor out.  It just won’t be drinkable otherwise.  Although, it has been a good academic experience, I need to work with this recipe some more to make it both period AND yummy.  😉


Bochet take two needs to happen soon!