A Mead and a Braggot!

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The next two projects to do

  • a straight mead, because you can never have too much.
  • a period braggot from Curye on Inglysch

The mead is simple, but the braggot is going to take some brain power and I am on a timeline to get it started before the new year in order to make my goal of 12 meads this year.  It looks like it will be a quick fermenting thing (like ale), so it will likely be ready to drink by the Tourney O’ Love.  

The hardest part will be the redaction, some of which I am pretty confident about, but some I will probably need to draw from a few friends who are more well versed in beers and ales than I am.  Thank goodness for the Endewearde Brewers Guild!  I love our community.  I know I can count on them to help me keep my redaction on track.

Off to do research!




What to do next???

Author: LadySylvia  //  Category: Geneneral Posts

I had a goal of doing 12 meads this year – one for each month of the 2011 calendar year.  I have completed 10.   I have two more to go and they will need to be made between December 28th and the new year.  One will be a regular mead with no additional ingredients.  (You can never have too many!)  The other one should be something I have never done before.  Suggestions?

I’ll let you know what I decide.  😀

Happy Holidays!