EK BrewU – The Reinvention of the East Kingdom Brewers’ Collegium!

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Hello All!

I am pleased to announce that the Shire of Endwearde and the Endewearde Brwers will be hosting the next East Kingdon Brew U! 

The event announcement will be on the East Kingdom Website shortly.  In the mean time, if you are on Facebook you can find the event announcement as an event here:


The class list is in process.  It is likely to include, among others, a class on developing your documentation, a class on redacting, and a class on distillation.  I encourage the brewers of the East Kingdom to join us as we prepare for the summer event season by learning more about our craft through classes and sharing.




Braggot postponed, but still on deck!

Author: LadySylvia  //  Category: Geneneral Posts

I ended up postponing my braggot.  It is still going to be one of my next projects, but I needed to do a bit more research.  I am hoping to put the redaction up here soon.  Once that is refined, I will put it together.

Instead, I made a pyment.  I did something I have never done… I used juice concentrate for my grape flavoring.  In the past, I have used grapes from my parents vines.  Unfortunately, their grapes did not thrive last summer so they were not an option.  I am looking forward to seeing how the pyment went.  Maybe it will finish sooner than my usual meads?  THAT would be pretty great!

Braggot on deck!