Bochet – Made Good

Author: LadySylvia  //  Category: Geneneral Posts

Today I am working on putting together another bochet.  It is a period recipe from A Goodman of Paris.  I have made it before (found under “Period Recipes”) but the end product was a big disappointment – it tasted like the cast iron post I cooked it in.

This time I am making it on the stove top in order to control the flavor.  The process of caramelizing the honey was infinitely quicker, taking about 25 minutes from start to finish.  However, the reduction process is still not quite finished as I am typing, almost 4 hours later.  I am trying to bring the must to the same specific gravity as the last two I did.  (1.088)  It is close and should be done soon.

The most fascinating thing to me today is that as I boil the must to reduce it, it is getting more and more clear.  There are clumps of solids floating in the must.  I think this will help it be ready for consumption a lot sooner than a traditional mead made with modern methods.  I am used to waiting two years of more for my meads to properly clear these days.  This bochet should be ready for Brew U in a few months.  Yay!

I did take some videos and will post those as soon as I figure out how.  See how pretty and clear the must is (minus the clumps)?