Slacker Blogger and New Goals

Author: LadySylvia  //  Category: Geneneral Posts

Hello All,

I am the biggest slacker blogger ever.  I haven’t updated in so long that I had comments pending from over 2 years ago.  Sigh.

Since I blogged last, I have taken a break from brewing, mostly, (BOO!) and have subsequently renewed my brewing efforts.  (YAY!)

I have also taken an apprentice, Lady Arnora Bjolfrsdottir.  In an effort to fulfill my end of the bargain, being a good role model, and keeping active in my art, I have set some goals for this year.  I am already a bit behind, but am working on it and am hoping that by the end of this calendar year I can look back and feel satisfied in my efforts to meet goals.  My goals, as shared with Lady Arnora:

  1. Brew at least one thing a month for the next year.
  2. Make period ale at least twice.
  3. Work on clarifying and bottling what I have in carboys.
  4. Try to spend a few hours on my MeadLady website each month.

So far I have racked everything over that was in the basement (14 carboys).  I put sparkeloid in about half of them.  Everything is back down in the basement and almost all of them are ready to bottle.  Some are great, some are good, and some are just OK.  I learned that neglecting your mead and letting airlocks run dry really does do yucky things to your mead.  Don’t do that!  Keep your airlocks filled!

I made a metheglin.  It is in the bathroom, happily bubbling away.

I made a beer.  It was a “kit” beer, put together by the folks at Central Street Farmhouse – I love those guys!  It came out pretty well!  I have set a little aside to turn into a period braggot.  That project is still in queue.  I should probably get on that.  As for the rest, well Jeff/Vey has been dutifully drinking it since it was kegged.  I will have to make more soon.

Which leaves the MeadLady project.  I have been working for the last hour to update some pages, respond to come comments, and put together this post.  There is more to be done, and I owe another 5 hours to this particular project, but this is a start!  🙂

Happy brewing everyone!