My Other Interests

Author: LadySylvia

Ginny at Panteria 1I’m not ALL about the mead making.   I have a ton of other interests in the SCA.  Most recently I have become more active in the equestrian activities offered in the East Kingdom.    Here is a picture of Ginny and I at Panteria in 2008.

 I also love sewing for my family.  (Though I’m a huge procrastinator, which usually makes it more stressful than necessary.)  Recently we have begun converting our garb to linen fabrics and are dressing in early fourteenth century style (kirtles, sideless surcoats).  Vey loves to play dress up and is enjoying his chausses, braise, and linen tunics.  Next project must be hoods and other period head gear!

I also have been known to do Middle Eastern Dance, though I have done this more in the mundane world.  I love teaching dance to people who are timid about starting, because I can relate to that.  I don’t dance much currently, but have not given up on it.   Perhaps soon I will start teaching again!

Sylvia Ghawazee Photo

I find singing to be a lot of fun and when I can I sneak away from the family and go to a “sing thing” practice.  

My husband, Ané du Vey (known as “Vey) is an amazing man whom I admire and respect as well as love.   His undying love of the SCA, his willingness to do anything that needs doing, his ability to do so with great skill and humility are qualities that are so precious.  He is a wonderful, wonderful man.  Here he is (in his brand new chain mail shirt) with our oldest daughter, Hannah at the most recent Fort Knox Demo:


Hannah and Vey 2009



(First and Third Pictures taken by Mistress Brita; the picture of me in my Gahwazee  coat was taken by Mistress Mira)