Author: LadySylvia

I like to read other peoples’ blogs.  I like to visit websites to gether information.  Here are some brewing links and some other links that make me happy.  😆

(In Process…)


Brewing Links:

East Kingdom Brewers Guild – The brewers’ guild of the East Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  This website will be undergoing some changes.  Please be patient as this work is being done.



Other links that make me happy:

How to History – A wealth of information on how to do things that were done in history.  Tons and tons of short video clips that are super instructional!  This site is put together by Syr Cedric, Master of Thanet House and his lady Mistress Mira.  They are the heads of my SCAdian household and are super knowledgeable and awesome. 

Crafty Agatha – Lady Agatha Wanderer is my house sister and friend.  She is crafty!

Gwillim Kynith – His Site – Lord Gwillim Kynith is a talented artisan and a good friend.  He also brews, which makes me happy.  I am hoping he will put up his information on the cardamom mead he made from a Digby recipe.  Yum!  (Wasn’t that the one with the toast?)

Beauty in Beer – Baroness Sorcha Crowe shares her experiences and expertise in brewing.  She is knowledgeable, friendly, and has an amazing list of resources that would is a huge asset to SCAdian brewers.  This is a “must read!”