Mead Making Supplies

Author: LadySylvia

Mead Making Supplies (must haves)

  • Two 5 gallon carboys. I prefer glass to plastic for long term fermentation, just because I am worried that the plastic flavor may taint the delicate mead flavors.  Plastic is a good choice for initial fermentation of fruit meads (melomels), as it is difficult to get the fruit in and out of the neck of the glass carboy.
  • 3-4 gallon pot (enameled or stainless steel as aluminum can react in an acidic environment)
  • Drilled rubber stopper+ air-lock
  • big spoon to stir honey while it is heated (avoid wood which is porous and hard to sanitize)
  • funnel (big enough to avoid pouring out of the carboy as it is not easy to aim when handling gallons of water and hot must)
  • Siphon or transparent hose made of food grade plastic (never use this for warm/hot musts – you’ll bend and break it (a lesson learned the hard way)
  • bottles + corks (Usually a five gallon batch will yield about 18 bottles of mead, after 4-5 rackings. Always clean more, just in case)

Sanitation options (IMPORTANT) – pick one

  • Bleach – I rarely use bleach.  It is difficult to rinse thoroughly.  However, if you had a batch go bad, it might be good to use it on that carboy.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly until all traces of the bleach have gone.
  • B-Brite/C-Brite – works well, but leaves a slippery film.
  • One Step, no rinse cleaner – this is my sanitizer of choice as it leaves no funky film on my supplies

Optional Mead Making Supplies (nice if you are going to keep records and you care about details)

  • hydrometer to measure the specific gravity (density) of the must and extrapolate the potential alcohol content (**recommended**)
  • scale or equivalent to measure quantities of honey or spices
  • measuring spoons for quantities as small as 1/4 or 1/8 tsp (tea spoon) which are common for some chemicals
  • thermometer to monitor temperature for sanitation of honey
  • 2 qt vessel for the starter (which I never do, but some people swear by it)
  • pH-meter (Also something I’ve never bothered with.)