Record Keeping

Author: LadySylvia
I tried to copy my exact template for you, but that didn’t work.  Instead, I have included the types of things of which I like to keep track.  Under “‘notes” I like to include observations about flavor and the progression of the fermentation process.  If you may submit your mead for judging, you will also want to keep  notes regarding your process, so you can include that information in your documentation.   Also include when you bottled your mead.  If you win any awards or accolades for your mead, try to make sure you write that down on your records.  I am now wishing I had done that when I began winning things at Great Northeastern War.  Live and learn…
Gal: 3    5    6.5    7      
Trial Number:

Date Brewed:



Initial Sp. Gravity:                                            

Final Gravity:                                                            

Alcohol Content:

Dates Racked and Notes (Process):