Documenting Your Potable

Author: LadySylvia

Many people have asked for my notes on how to document their potables.  The following document should help you think about what to include or not include, depending on your intended audience. 

As you read through my notes on this subject, please keep in mind that I encourage you (strongly) to do a few things when you think about entering competitions:

1) Enter something upon which you are willing to get honest feedback – good or not so good.

2) When you enter something it is polite, at the very least, to include a list of your ingredients.

3) If you did not brew your current batch of [mead, beer, wine, cordial, etc.] from a period recipe, consider doing so with the next batch.  It will make the documentation process INFINITELY easier (and it will make brewing experts in the sca happy).

4) Competitions are not for everyone, but a roundtable *should* be.  Bring your notes or original/redacted recipes to these as well so you can answer questions about your potable.


Notes for my documentation class (click on the link and a pdf will appear!):

Documentation Class