What is Mead?

Author: LadySylvia

Mead is a fermented beverage made from honey, water, and yeast.

When you add different ingredients into the must (the honey/water/yeast mixture), different names are applied:

Types of Mead

  • Mead – Honey, Water, and yeast after fermentaion has taken place
  • Sweet/Sack Mead – Mead that finishes sweet
  • Dry Mead – mead that finishes dry, usually runs higher in alcohol content
  • Pyment – Mead with grapes or grape juice
  • Cyser – Mead with apples, apple juice, or cider
  • Melomel – Mead with fruit other than grape or apple
  • Metheglin – Mead with spices
  • Braggot – Mead made with grains or hops (or beer made with honey, depending on who is doing the brewing)
  • Sparkling Mead – mead when a secondary fermentation has been allowed to occur in the bottle.  Very yummy, but risky.  I have lost many corks and had one bottle blow out a side – a little disconcerting to the person walking by it at that moment!
  •  Hippocras – Not technically a mead varient.  This is wine sweetened with honey or sugar with spices added.  I have seen some people argue that hippocras is pyment with spices added.  ( Also known as hipocras, ipocras, ippocras, ypocras, etc.)