Period Recipes and Redactions

Author: LadySylvia


When I began making mead I didn’t care if the recipes I found were period or not.  I just wanted to make something tastey to share around the “traditional Endweardian campfire” (a large collection of citronella candle buckets).  Endewearde has since grown into a Shire with real actual fires and fabulous bards.  Likewise, I have evolved as well.  Though my goal is still to make quality, drinkable meads to share, I am brewing more and more with actual period recipes in mind.  Go figure.

What I am including in this section are period recipes and my redactions.  I will include a bibliography for the places I have found the recipes and I encourage you to get your own copies so you aren’t cutting and pasting from this site.

Members of the Society for Creative Anachronism are welcome to use my redactions as long as credit is given to me (Lady Sylvia du Vey) for my work.  If you are not part of the SCA and would like to use my redactions, please contact me for permission.  I am happy to share, but would like some credit for the work I’ve done to redact these recipes.

If you have thoughts regarding something I have redacted, I welcome input.