Bochet – Pictures!

Author: LadySylvia

When I made the Bochet, I invited friends over and we took video and pictures of the process.  The pictures are included below.  The video will be published to: at some point in the future.  When that happens, I will learn to link to that page! 🙂

We built a fire in the driveway and used my new toy – a seven gallon cauldron!  This size was necessary as the honey expanded when it hit a certain temperature.

This series of pictures depicts 6 pints of honey, as per the bochet recipe in The Goodman of Paris.  We waited a long time for it to heat up.  Water was not added until the bubbles release black steam, as per the recipe.

The color changed from the deep honey color to a tan color within a few seconds of hitting the boiling point temperature.  (Too bad I didn’t think to take temperature readings… sigh.)

As the honey heats up even more, it begans to boil in ernest and started to expand.  I estimate that it tripled in capacity, which justifies the expense of buying my new seven gallon cauldron!  (The links are kind of obnoxious, but this toy is too fun to pass up.  Put it on your Christmas list!)

The honey needed frequent stirring.  I advise you to get a beer, a chair, and a couple of good friends to hang out with you, as from starting the fire to the end of reducing the must, it took about 5-6 hours.  You could probably cut it down to 2 if you add less water until you get the gravity readings you want.  We played Settlers of Catan outside while it reduced.  Fun!

When we added the water, there were many particulates that seperated out. I hope you can see them in the last few pictures.  The final picture shows a ring of yeast.  I thought it was peculiar how they decided to be in a circle.  That lasted a few days.

I made two batches exactly the same way.  The only exception was that the second had a some spices seeped in the promary fermentation.  This was suggested in the recipe – if you were to make this good…. add these spices.  (See redaction on previous page.)  They are currently both sitting in the kitchen doing their thing.  I’ll keep you updated on their progress as time goes on!  Fun!