Author: LadySylvia

I have been gently reminded, nagged, bugged, and downright told to put recipes on this site.  Well, here they are.  I have organized them mostly in chronological order and by trype.  For example, Blueberry/Vanilla Melomel is my third attempt at a mead; this page includes ALL of my blueberry melomel recipies.  In this way, I can compare and contrast as appropriate and you can see what decisions I made with subsequent batches.

Most recipes will be ones that I either fashioned or modified from others.  If I took it from a specific source, I will try to make sure to give credit (although I think I lost many of those notes along the way). 

I have recently been on a quest to find and redact period recipes.  Whenever possible, I will cite those and include my redactions.  

You are welcome to use my recipes to help you with your own.  If you use one of my “original” recipes, or if you borrow a period recipe and/or redaction, please give me credit for my part of the work in your notes or documentation.  Thanks!


I will try – really soon, to finish this section.  So much to do!