Raspberry Melomel – #1

Author: LadySylvia

This is the recipe from my very first mead.


15 lbs clover honey

36 oz. frozen raspberries

5 t. allspice

1 tablet yeast nutrient

4 tablets yeast energizer

Yeast: Flor Sherry

Notes: Racked 6/25, 7/22, bottled 10/10/99.  “came out pretty good, smelled kind of skanky until about 6 months old”

Hindsight/things I hadn’t learned at this point: 

When I made this melomel, I had no idea about a lot of things.  I didn’t know what the must should look like when I bottled it.  I didn’t know how to properly cork things.  I didn’t take specific gravities because I had no clue what to do with that measurement.  I didn’t know how to store things.  I had no clue how much fruit I should use.  I had no idea what the nutrient and energizers were for, so made uneducated guesses about how much to add.  I didn’t even know what it should taste like, because my experience with mead was so limited. 

This melomel was drinkable, but clearly as I look back, I made lots of mistakes.   I shared the last bottle with the Endewearde Brewers Guild about a year ago.  It was fun to talk about what I have learned since then.  Though it wasn’t the best, we enjoyed drinking over good conversation!  🙂